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Ideas for Remodeling, Finishing, Waterproofing

Basement Ideas for Remodeling, Finishing and Waterproofing

Undertaking to renovate your basement is a very daunting task, but if done correctly, it could really enhance your life and add value to your house. The Basement Focus site serves as a resource for all your basement renovation needs. Including getting you started with some good basement ideas, basement remodelling advice and many basement renovation tips. So if you are planning a basement renovation project and are looking for some basement renovations ideas then you have come to the right place.

Basement Ideas

Lets start with a few traditional basement ideas:

Basement Lounge

  • Home Gym – With proper adjustments your basement could become the ideal gym. A dedicated room is the perfect place to permanently install all that exercise equipment. Not only will your family benefit from a home gym, as exercise is an important part of good health, but you will also save on gym fees.
  • Basement Bathroom – Use the basement as a guest or extra bathroom if you find that your current bathrooms can’t cope with demand in the house. You can even capitalize on the fact that the plumbing is already there.
  • Play Room/Game Room – A basement makes a great play/ game room for children. Tuck the mess away in the basement. If you have teens at home then a basement den is the ideal place for them to entertain their friends. They will be happy with the privacy it offers them and you will know that your children are safe.
  • Basement Apartment – You can create another living area, for parents, in-laws, students etc.
  • Basement Office – Basements are also suitable as offices, and are easily converted into one. If you need privacy and a quiet place to focus then a basement office could be the perfect solution. An office in the basement ensures that the rest of the house is uncluttered with working paraphernalia.
  • Basement Bar – Adding a bar enables you to entertain friends and family privately. Storing alcohol in a private and lockable room will ensure that it doesn’t fall in to the wrong hands at home. Take a look at this article for more basement bar ideas.
  • Entertainment and Multimedia Area – The basement is a great option for a home theatre or music listening room. As an entertainment centre you can easily entertain your guests and family.

Top Tip:
Remodeling basement ideas depends largely on your family setup. Larger and smaller design ideas will differ according to your family’s needs. Therefore when choosing basement ideas ensure that they are apt for a variety of factors, don’t just choose the basement ideas that are successful elsewhere until you have considered your unique surroundings.

Using basement remodeling ideas your basement will become one of the most convenient rooms for your whole family. Making intelligent use of that available space intelligent usage of this available space a unique basement ideas will give you stunning room that is a pleasure for the whole family to use.

How To Choose The Best Basement Idea For Your Home

Planning major basement renovations is no small task. If you do your planning properly and do a good job, the rewards and benefits can be great. The basement is a great place to turn to for adding additional living space that many families need. When undertaking basement renovations; planning is critical. By balancing your needs with what have you to work with, you can come to best result. By taking three simple steps you can ensure that you get the best fit for your home.

  1. Firstly look at what you need.
  2. Secondly take look at what you have.
  3. Thirdly align your needs with what you have to create a workable project/solution.

Lets take a closer look at these three steps.

1. Questions to Help You Get Ideas

Get yourself a piece of paper and pen to be able to write down the answers to these questions before you get started:

  1. What are your biggest space needs? Do you have children (or expecting children) that were not present when you originally purchase your home? Perhaps you should consider adding a bedroom or playroom. Other considerations might be a family room or game room.Other options for the space might be an apartment for aging parents or additional rental income. Make a list of possible options (this will help give you more ideas for basement renovations that appeal to you).
  2. What will your maximum budget be? Your budget is very important. There is no need to start basement renovations without allocating the funds needed to finish the project. There are some ways to cut cost; including doing things yourself, enlisting the help of friend and family, and keeping material cost down.
  3. Do you need a building permit? Check with your local municipality for the certified blue prints they have of your residence on there you can normally see or it should be indicated if you are allowed to build an extra level to your house or to build in this case a basement under your house its is always wise to inspect all requirements for your project before hand.
  4. Do you have any moisture problems in your basement that need to be addressed? You will need to waterproof your basement and deal with any water issues prior to beginning any renovations. This is a critical first step prior to beginning construction because many people skip this step and end up having to buy an expensive basement pump to remove the water that simmer into their basements.


2. What do you have to work with?

The basement is often an overlooked option for adding additional space to a home. Most people give little thought to the basement due to spending relatively little time down there. The basement is often seen as a dark space where dust and cobwebs collect. This is very far from the truth. With some preparation and thought, you can come up with some creative basement finishing ideas to turn unused space into a functional and useful area.
Before you begin any work, careful planning is critical. The following is a list to help you create some finished basement ideas that work for you.

  1. Does your basement have moisture problems? All successful basement finishing ideas begin with assessing any wetness and moisture in your basement. Even if you do not have any obvious problems, waterproofing is where you will start your project. When evaluating your basement, look for mold, mildew or moisture droplets on the floor, walls, ceiling and stored items in your basement.
  2. What size of an area do you have to work within your basement? Take into account how small or large your basement is and how much free floor space you have available in your basement. Items such as water heaters, furnaces and plumbing will take away from the available floor space you will have to work with.
  3. Are there any windows or doors in your basement? Daylight is not always available in every basement. If you have a source of daylight in your basement, you will want to maximize it into your design. Consider this a great benefit if you do have some natural lighting in your basement.
  4. What is the ceiling height in your basement? Remember to take into account that any overhead furnace duct work and plumbing will have to remain and be covered up properly when you renovate your basement. There are many basement ceiling ideas for ways to finish a basement ceiling, depending upon what you are working with and what your needs are. One example is to install a drop ceiling, but you will need enough overhead clearance to do this or you will end up with a ceiling that is way too low.
  5. What type of space needs do you have? Give a lot of thought to how you can best utilize the space you create by finishing your basement. Do you have the most need for a bedroom or office? Would you get more use from storage space or a utility for laundry and workspace. Think about what you could move to the basement area (or what might be better suited in the basement) that would then free up spaces in the main area of your home.
  6. What basement finishing ideas appeal to you? It does not make sense to put basement bathrooms, a bedroom or office in the basement if you will not use it. It is equally counterproductive to put a laundry room in the basement if you have difficulty going up and down stairs. Careful consideration of basement finishing ideas that work with your personality and lifestyle will give you the finished basement that adds value to your home and that you are happy with.


3. Align your needs with your means

Basement BlueprintAfter you have given thought to these questions you can move on to securing basement floor plans for your project. You can utilize software, books or an architect to help you develop your floor plan. Once you have a floor plan you will need to devise your basement renovation materials list. Your local home improvement store usually has professional staff available to help you make your list.

Once you have a basement renovation materials list you can get a final idea of cost. At this point if the list exceeds you budget you will need to do some trimming. You can also save a substantial amount of money by using paint for floor covering. You always have the option of installing more expensive flooring later down the road. If you absolutely do not have the money for your project, you can still begin preparation for it. You can gather ideas, clean the basement area, make material lists, and figure out where to trim the budget. Once you have done all that you can start saving for your basement remodeling project knowing that your money will be put to good use and not wasted.

Once you are able to go ahead with your basement renovations you are well on your way to gaining the space you and your family need. This project will be costly and time consuming, so do your preparatory work. Hopefully you will end up with basement decorating ideas that pleases you and adds value to your home.

Hire a professional

The basement choice of construction should include the existing basements dimensions. If you are unsure of finding the correct basement design plan then hiring a professional who will offer unique basement ideas and together with your contractor / designer, you will find a design that fits available budget, however, if you have a generous budget, then a professional will complete the task in less time and offer a complete all round professional service, this will save time and money in the long run.

The importance of quality research

The world wide net offers a wide selection of basement ideas that might prove daunting at first, however, your selection should reflect your budget and requirements. Ideas for basement should be initiated through thorough research on the internet, by matching your requirements; you will come to the correct decision. The research should also include basement flooring ideas and basement ceiling ideas that fit into your original basement plans. Consultation with an architect could also assist  you when choosing your basement plan to ensure that it fits perfectly.